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BPM start scenario

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Hi there,

I have a BPM for a Leave request process which is working fine.

For triggering the BPM I would like to have the following scenario:

1. User has a link "Leave request" on our Intranet page (no SAP portal) to trigger the BPM

2. The user is directly forwarded to the first WebDynpro "Fill leave request" of the BPM (without navigating through UWL).

How can I achieve that?

I've successfully started the BPM from WebDynpro, but that doesn't really help.

Thanks in advance!

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i think you should not trigger BPM until you submit it.

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Hi John, so you mean, I should take out the first Web Dynpro of the BPM (Fill leave request) and trigger the remaining BPM when pushing the submit button?

Sounds ok, but on the other hand I take out an important step of my BPM.

I think it would be better that a BPM always reflects the whole process with all activities included.

Is there any other solution for this.

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In general, any BPM process would get triggered based on a business event or activity which in your case is "Fill Leave Request". So, the trigger point or the event in general is outside the BPM process. So, in my view this is the way to go forward.

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Hi Eddie,

As the other said, thats the way to go - keep the User form out of the BPM.

However as you mentioned, you wont have this reflected in the BPM; so you could perhaps build a service that persists information related to this step as a Log. Or build Logs that track this step.



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Thanks guys,

I did it now as you told me!

Best regards,