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BPM Performance tuning

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I have a synchronous BPM that has

1.receive (open s/a bridge)


3.sync send


5.sync send


7.send (close s/a bridge)

working (except for some merge issues in step 4). The BPM takes too long (up to a minute) to execute. How do I optimize the performance? Where can I find tips on how to tune the performance of a Bpm?

I have to use the BPM in this scenario because I need stateful processing where I have to merge messages from step 1 and step 3.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Suresh,

As far as I know there's only one tuning guide: exchange infrastructure tuning guide xi 3.0.pdf

but it's for the whole XI not only BPM...



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Thanks Michal. I looked at that document and it does not have much for BPM. I guess we have to wait and watch if SAP comes up with a better document. Also, I will take a look at the sizing document to see if it has anything for BPM.

Thanks again.

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as per the guide, & as a normal practice, we keep simple or straight forward mapping ouside the BPM.

for example.. if i have a scenario, where i need to send idoc --> XI --> XYZ (some synchronous appln) & while sending response, i need to do multi-mapping with resp msg & input idoc to a new msg/idoc.

here i keep the mapping from Idoc to XYZ format after BPM (not inside BPM) & reponse mapping within the BPM (since it is unavoidable).

This way little bit of BPM's process time can be reduced.

Hope this is of some help.

post once you find more ways..



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I don't think you can tune the BPM a lot as the must time would be used in the receiving system to post data etc.

In SXMB_ADM you can set the time out higher for the sync processing.

Go to Integration Processing in SXMB_ADM and add parameter SA_COMM CHECK_FOR_ASYNC_RESPONSE_TIMEOUT to 120 (seconds). You can also increase the number of parallel processes if you have more waiting now. SA_COMM CHECK_FOR_MAX_SYNC_CALLS from 20 to XX. All depends on your hardware but this helped me from the standard 60 seconds to go to may be 70 in some cases.

Make sure that your calling system does not have a timeout below that you set in XI otherwise yours will go on and finish and your partner may end up sending it twice.



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as ccBPMs in XI are using the Workflow engine, refer to note 72923 Business Workflow Performance, Collective note

for information on Workflow Performance tuning. Note that this note is empty, but has some notes attached, you should check. Expecially note 72873 Workflow system performance, recommendations should be helpfull, as it describes which db indexes need to be reorganized regularly. Additionally there is the possibility to clear old work items etc. from the workflow tables by means of archiving and deletion. Refer to SAP Help for more information on this:

Best regards


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