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BPM in CACHE won't activate. Fault message is not defined

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Hello All,

After adding fault messages to our RFC scenarios, our BPM will no longer activate from transaction SXI_CACHE. The ReturnCode is 99. When we attempt to do a manual activation, we get an error which reads:

<b>Send step: Fault message '722783b5171311d9881bd5c4c0a8a777' is not defined</b>.

Have any of you seen this before?

We have mappings for the fault messages in interface mappings. Is there something else needed in the BPM itself?



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Answers (1)

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Have the exact same problem, any suggestions?

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From OSS:

The synchronous send steps define a fault message as exception. In this

case you have to wrap a block around every one or all send steps.

The block catches the exception, in your case the fault message.

The problem is, if no handler is defined, the import of the process fails (SXI_CACHE).

So modify the process, wrap a block with exception

handling around the send step and activate once more.