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BPM for SAP Business partner create

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Hi BPM Gurus,

  How can i find if SAP has standard Templates for Business partern create BPM as a standard template. I know that there are standard Workflow that SAP had delivered but not sure about BPM flows.

Thanks and Regards,

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Hi Balachandran,

Please find below document for templates to implement most of the standard workflow patterns via SAP BPM.

Below link summarizes the summary of standard workflow coverage in SAP BPM.

Hope you might find this helpful.



Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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You also might like to know that the latest release of BPM let's you generate SAPUI5 tasks in BPM - which would mean you can design very nice, simple tasks for creating your business partners... There's a session on this at teched && dcode


Build SAP Fiori-Style User Interfaces for Mobile Usage of SAP BPM

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Hi Jocelyn, Ahmed,

  Thanks for your kind reply. It was bit helpfull and continuing my journey to try and use standard delivered templates to minimize my development.

Thanks and Regard,

K. Balachandran.

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i don't think it is relevant,

he is asking template for partner creation template, not pattern