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BPM count

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Scenario is N:1 (IDOC to FlatFile) using BPM.

BPM receive step will receive IDOC. But it should terminate when the number of messages equals to 500.

In which step I have to define this count in BPM?

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Answers (4)

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In BPM, Include the receive step as 1st entry point for IDOCs.

Include this receive step under the loop. Add one container variable count to increase the counter and then as end condition of Loop mark either Count =<500.

So accordingly Loop will break and further steps in BPM will be executed.



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Hi Naresh,

You have to use Loop At receiver step collect 500 messages in multicontainer (this will also inside loop) .

Once limit is reached come out of loop.


Sunil Singh

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hi naresh,

u need to use the LOOP step and the we declare a variable with max limit and increment the count of mesages

by i=i+1.



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You can check this blog-


In the configuration-

Receiver Determination

1) Sender Idoc1 to Integration Process

2) Sender Idoc2 to Integration Process

3) Integration Process to Target system

Same no of interface Determination

No nee of dummy mapping. If you have done, no problem it will give any problem as it is one-to-one/

One Receiver Agreement. for Integration Process to Target System

No Sender Agreement required as it is thru implicit Idoc adapter.

Before do these, first create a Configuration Scenario and then import the BPM created in the Repository.

Hey check this forum link also

/message/5451260#5451260 [original link is broken]

Please reward points if it helps



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