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Box in Sap Script and text within

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I want to create a box at the end of the main window and text within it.

The main window can end at 1st page itself or it can be extended to second page based on the articles. So the box should appear at the end of the last article in the main window.

and also i would like to know, how do we write text in a box.

Could any1 help me out on this.


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You can create a box by,

Edit -

> windows -

> create in the form.

Give the sizes in the

Left Margin

Upper margin

Window width

Window height.

You can write text through clicking on the window and then clicking on the <b>text</b> button below the sizes.

Dont forget to save and activate it every time u enter sumthing.

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i am not able to find the menu options you have given

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Hi Umair,

Are you talking about creating a variable window?

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There is a main window in my Script where the articles are getting displayed. Now, i need to create a box after the last article is displayed.

The main window can have 1 or more articles and due to this the main window can be stretched just to single page or more than that. Now, based on the last article in the main window getting displayed, i have to display the box right after the last article. So i thought of creating a box within the main window at the end.

This will make the box appear exactly after the last article. But, i am not sure as to how do we go about doing it. Or is there any other way of doing it.


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You can create a variable window in the main window.

You can restrict the last item of the main window by varying the size of main window. In your wite-form ,



element = 'ITEM'

function = 'SET'

type = 'BODY'

window = 'MAIN'


element = 1

function = 2

type = 3

unopened = 4

unstarted = 5

window = 6

bad_pageformat_for_print = 7

spool_error = 8

codepage = 9

OTHERS = 10.

IF sy-subrc <> 0.

DO this. in the bottom of the main window, create a variable window.

you can add your text in the variable window inside main window.

it will be displayed just after the item ends.



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