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Bookmarks in web template

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Hi Folks -

I have an issue with the bookmarks in web reports at my client site. Upon executing the report after entering the variable values...when I click on the bookmark function from the menu...a new window pops up with a bookmark id generated in the URL.

Case 1:

When I do this in the dev box, the new window that pops up does not have the data. It takes me to the initial variable entry screen.

Case 2:

When I do the same in my production box (i.e clicking on the bookmark icon), then a new window opens up but this time the data is present. Unlike in devolopment box, the variable entry initial screen is not what I am getting in the new window that pops up after clicking the bookmark icon.

So naturally, when the users add the bookmarks generated in Dev to the favourites....then the next time they open the favourites, it takes them to variable entry screen instead of the historical data.

But the saved bookmarks in production lead me to the report with historical data.

<b>Question:</b> Though both the systems use the same web template, why is bookmark function acting differently. Please help me with this.

The users want the bookmarks to lead to the variable screen, not the historical data screen.

Thanks in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Check the force variable screen property of the web template in both systems. It might be X in Dev and blank in production

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