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bold part line in sapscript

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is there possible to bold part line in sapscript?

for example: <b>NAME: </> blablabla

i tried and didnt work.



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Answers (3)

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Hi dana,

You can use character formats to solve this problem.

Create one character format with font option BOLD.

and you can use it to display the text BOLD.

<c>NAME: </> blablabla



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thank you very much for response and for your time.

that excactly what i did, but it bold all the line and not only part of it.

i create a par.format. the font i defined bold.

than i used it, and wrote <b>title</>:bla

and it bold all the line.

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hi dana,

did u create a CHARACTER FORMAT??

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yes i did.

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thank you all, the problem was with the font.

i guess the family is obligatory when you want to bold part of the raw.

thank you very much for your time.

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hi dana,

U can do it with the help of Character formats

Goto character formats..

Create a character format..

click on the Font button

make BOLD on...

In the text elements, give as:

<b><CB>Name: </>.</b>

do reward if it helps,


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Yes,, U can use Character formats for this...

Create a character format with some font and <b>bold</b> <b>on</b>...

Now in the script editor write ..

  • dispalying names <C3>Name : 'Sai ramesh' </>.

to end the effect of character format u need to use </>.

U need to put 'forward slash' in between <>( it is not able to display the forward slash character here ).

C3 is the character format...

Now u will get the output as.

dispalying names <b>Name : 'Sai ramesh'


reward if it helps u...

sai ramesh

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hai sai ramesh,

it's really helpfull...thank you somuch...

thanks and regards,