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BOL-Entity for GS_CM

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Hello everyone.
I'm trying to modify the service request creation (add an Attachment assignment block) using the UI Component Workbench (BSP_WD_CMPWB) on an AIC_SRVREQ_G component. I'm trying to do it according to the following guide:

SAP CRM: Adding a custom assignment block on the SAP CRM Webclient home page

I'm stuck at the step "Add model node" of a view creation, because I don't know which BOL-Entity do I have to refer to.

Could enyone help me out with this? Any kind of help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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Hi Borys

I did exactly same thing on the AIC_SRVREQ_G. and you don't need add another BOL because BOL set of AIC_SRVREQ_G  is ONEORDER where GC_CM is in it. Basically, you cannot assign a BOL if the UI component you want to assign already has BOL set .

First of all , you need to check AIC_INCIDENT_G. It has an attachment view and also guided procedure UI as  AIC_SRVREQ_G is. and GS_CM is a reusable component so can be simply added to other WEBUI components.

I added the GS_CM assignment block on ViewSet AIC_SRVREQ_G/vStep2OV .

Here are steps,

1. Build 2 component usages for GS_CM edit mode and for GS_CM overview mode in the Runtime Repository Editor

     cf > ComponentUsage CUGSCMEdit , ComponentUsage CUGSCMOverview 

2. Add the interface view CUGSCMEdit.MainWindow under the main Window AIC_INCIDENT_G/MainWindow 

3. Build Navigation links and tide the in/outbound plugins(ADDxxx, URLxxx, etc) between main views of CUGSCMEdit and CUGSCMOverview . you can refer Navigation links in  AIC_INCIDENT_G

4. Assign View CUGSCMOverview.MainWindow  to ViewSet AIC_SRVREQ_G/vStep2OV

5. In Component Structure Browser, Enhance the Component Controller ~ WD_USAGE_INITIALIZE and register comp. usages CUGSCMEdit & CUGSCMOverview  as below, You might not need to enhance this part depending on Solman version. In my system Solman 7.1, I didn't have to. recommend that you check the method in the super classes     

when 'CUGSCMOverview' OR 'CUGSCMEdit'.

       iv_usage->bind_context_node( iv_controller_type  = cl_bsp_wd_controller=>co_type_component

                                    iv_target_node_name = 'BTADMINH'

                                    iv_node_2_bind      = 'PARENTNODE' ).

6. Finally,Add the GS_CM Assignment Block via View configuration tool


You can use configuration for global activity to assign a step for AIC_SRVREQ_G. but in that case you should enhance the interfaced methods of target UI component after IMG configuration and have to enhance some more objects, however you actually come to create a new step and to be able to assign it onto AIC_SRVREQ_G.

You may add GS_CM as a local step by enhancing AIC_SRVREQ_G without utilizing global activity.

Hope it helps you achieving  your goal.