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BOE exports duplicate group headers from Crystal Reports to external file.

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Good afternoon all,

This one truly has me stumped. I've created a sales report in Crystal Reports which runs without any trouble on our BOE server. The only problem occurs when a user exports the report. It then seems to duplicate group headers all the way down the report, while leaving the sales figures in tact. So, for example, while the report shows sales across various products (group headers), the exported version shows the same sales but for duplicate products.

I've tried scheduling the report to create a pdf output file and it works fine. It's only when the user exports directly from Infoview.

Any ideas?



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it is the export you are selecting. if you test it in the rpt file you will see that certain xls exports function this way

if you have the option to select xls data only

that works best

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No, it still doesn't work. It must surely be a setting in Enterprise that's messing things up.

I run the report on Enterprise and it looks perfect on the screen. I'm using three group headers for a product hierarchy showing sales across the page for three different time periods. There are about 20,000 records involved. When I export to any format it comes out wrong. All the figures are in the right place and are for the right amounts, but the brand details in the group headers are duplicated, triplicated, etc, etc.

I scheduled the report to run as a pdf file and it worked fine. I scheduled the report to run as normal ( as a Crystal Report) and the same problem occurred.

I've even exported to rpt and viewed it in Crystal Reports - same result - brand details are all over the place, volume figures are present and correct. If I refresh THIS particular report it works fine. Therefore I'm thinking there's nothing wrong with my report, it must be something in Enterprise that's affecting the export of data.

I hope I've been able to explain myself clearly, and I hope someone can help me out. All my other reports work fine, by the way.