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BODS OpenHub data loading with texts

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Hey Specs!

I've an issue. We have a BW netweaver 7.4 with Bods 4.2 installed.

I've been tasked to send some data from BW to Microsoft SQL server. It works perfectly with the openhub technology However I have one issue.

The owner of the sql server wants the text of the values.

So for example If have an EQUIPMENT number EQ0221321 which is a Pendrive, then I need to insert both the Key and "Pendrive" text ( or at least the text).

Of Course I can join all the text table, but in case if there is a DSO where I have 90 columns looking up all text for all the 90 columns is time consuming.

Is there a faster way to insert all text values for the different keys of the columns into SQL server ?

Thanks Andras

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