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BODS loading job failed in SAP BW

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Hi expert,

     we are trying to runing a BODS job to load data into BW. but failed without any data loaded in BW. I got exerpt of ending of running log from BW as follows:

(15925460:0001) DATAFLOW: Process to execute data flow

<df_AANLTC_AaDgxErrFullUnmatched_Ins_AaDgxErrKeyUnMatched> is started.

(12.2) 01-09-14 09:41:46 (15925460:0001)      JOB: Initializing

transcoder for datastore <ds_ORA_ETLDATA_ETLAA> to transcode between

engine codepage<Unicode (UTF-16)> and

datastore codepage <ISO-8859-1>

but BODS report job finished without any error on BODS side. could you please tell me what cause this failure in BW?

Many Thanks,


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Answers (1)

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how do you define the load? pulled or pushed infopackage?

Usefull link in loading data in BW

Loading BW - Enterprise Information Management - SCN Wiki

Hope it helps!!