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BODS -Joining the tables from Oracle DB and SQL server DB is taking every long

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I'm using BODS 4.2 SP14 working on joining two tables form different databases which is taking very long to give the result.

I am trying to join a table from Source oracle DB with millions of records and another table which is in my staging SQL server DB which has only 10 records.

when I try to join these two tables in BODS it taking very long time to get the data from Oracle table for those 10 records.

I have tried different optimization techniques but still with no use.

Table(SQL server - 10 records)
Table(Oracle DB - millions of records)


Table(SQL server) - should be populated with the data from oracle table for those 10 records in SQL server Table.

Could you please help me with this.

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Hi - could you also share a screenshot of the optimized sql of your dataflow?


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Yes, the display optimized SQL would help to understand what is going on.

If the two tables are joined directly in a query, then setting the join rank of each and hinting to cache the small but not the large one, would help.

Here a step-by-step receipt: