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BODS installation on AIX - Filesystem Layout

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Hello Experts,

I need help designing AIX filesystem layout for a BODS instance. if some can share their experience that would be great.

BODS instance will be installed on existing ABAP system, I want to know what all list for filesystems do I need to install BODS.

so far I have these as part of my design.






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Hi Sha,

Data Services can be installed into any directory on Unix host. The installer per se doesn't have any restrictions in this regard.

I noticed that you have created four directories under /oracle. Do you intend to install more than one instance or version?

The way you design the system depends on requirements of the system and conventions you want to (or have to) follow.

For instance, if you are already running other applications on the system it may make sense to put DS into the directory where you have your other apps (unless you need to keep it on another mount point if some of the apps are using a lot of disk IO and one more app would overtax the throughput you can get out of the disk).

I noticed that you intend to put the Data Services directory under the /oracle directory. Do you have a convention in place where you would give all apps their own directory under the system root ("/") directory?

If so, why not install under something like /sapBODS40? (where 40 could stand for the current base version DS 4.0)

In version 4.0 you'll need IPS 4.0 as well. These two should be installed in the same directory. IPS is a stripped down version of BI 4.0. It's possible to use a full version of BI4 as well.

(in version 3, Data services provided it's own authentication and management engine so you didn't need IPS or BI).

Please let me know if this helps.