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BODI-1241021 - SAP BODS No Job server is configured

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We recently installed SAP BODS Designer on the client site but we have notice that the jobs server is indicating that it is not configured and provides the following statement;

No Job server is configured, Designer is using jobserver (172.XX.XX.XX.XX:3010) is not responding BODI-1241021),

neither is the Profiler

I was hoping some one could provide some assistance on how to resolve both these issues

We are running on Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise which is running against a MS SQL Server 10.50.1600.

Thanks again for help in advance.

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Hi Simon,

Just check the Job Server Configuration and re-sync your repository. This happens sometimes when you configured your Job Server after the Local Repository setup or maybe you are trying to connect to a new Job Server

If this would not work fine check if there are entries in the AL_MACHINE_INFO table in the Repository Metadata table.


Please refer the below thread for SAP BODS Job Server is not configured.

How to Configure Job Server using DS Server Manager.


Hope this will help you as well.



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Hi Simon

Since you have problem with the job Server, I suggest you to look in  to the Data Service Server manager to configure the job server. Do check the repository which you have created and it must be associated to the job server.

Also try to restart the service if the first option doesnt work,as  this might help you since you have provided the correct credentials while creating the repository and added to the job server.

Thanks and regards,


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I also come across this problem in BODS 4.0 designer.

Fixed by log on to the Data Service server manager , choose configure job server and resync repository. After that, we need to restart data services and designer, it works for me.


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I'm assuming you have version XI.something and not DS 4.0, right?

1. Make sure you can connect to your server (where the "job server" is running). Sometimes firewalls are blocking the relevant ports, which by default are assigned dynamically unless you configure your "job server" on a fixed port.

Look into the instalation manuals this is described in details there.

2. Make sure the repository ou are using with designer is associated with the existing job server. This is also done with the server-configuration tool. AND BEFORE this make sure you have a LOCAL repository installed (either during the installation of the product, or afterwards with the "Data Services Repository Manager". For details look into the docs...

hth, Walter

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Hey Simon,

I am not an expert but might be worth commenting on this.

I assume that you have already created a job server and assigned to your repository

Are you able to ping the server from the client machine??

If you ar able to open up your management console on your client machine you can still run the jobs through your console.



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check if the repository you are using is attached to a job server. this is done by using the data services server manager tool. Same for the profiler repository created.

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Hi Guys,

Did you manage to solve this? I am having the same problem.