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BOBJ Migration 4.1 to 4.2 Automatic Override Settings for Connections in Different Networks

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Hi All,

I have a scenario here that I need to migrate some reports from BOBJ 4.1 to BOBJ 4.2, but those servers are in a different network, so I'll create a lcmbiar file on Promotion Management of BOBJ 4.1 and import on 4.2, but there is too many connections on this model, so I'm trying to create some automatic conversion for this connections.

I tried to use this: but as the servers are in a different network I wasn't successful.

Does anyone have an idea?

Thank you,


Eduardo Gonçalves

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The way you do promotion of objects using live to live or live to biar.

You can create a connection override biar too. Where source is Live system and the destination is biar.
Import the override file from the import section in the Promotion management Application.

1759284 - How To: Step-by-Step LCM Override Settings via LCMBIAR file

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I don't think so there is any other way to update the connections automatic unless you will open ports between two servers so that you can use overrides option.

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Hi Denis,

Thank you for your answer.

I went until the task to log on to the destination server, every attempt on this gives me a "Could not reach CMS "xxxxxx". Specify the correct host and port and check for network issues. FWM 20030", when I gave up and went to Basis team to know if I was setting up the right server address they came up with this answer, the servers are in a different network so it won't be possible to do it.

I'll have to add the information that we're gonna change de source as well, we're migrating from a 7.4 BW into a new BW4HANA so I'll need to change the sources as well.

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network locations should not be a problem in what you're trying to do.
What exactly hasn't worked when you tried to create and import overrides ?

Not to mention - if you're only moving from one version to another, why are the connections different ?