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BO SDK authentication based on secSAPR3

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I have an issue with a custom dev using BO SDK. We have made a java program to schedule reports based on flat file containing parameters of reports . The program has been tested on reports based on relational database and everything works fine.

The particularity is that the customer environment is based on SAPR3 data, when we tried to run the program on his environment, we have faced an issue in the scheduling step with the error message: could not make SSO with SAP system.

Here are the main steps in the program:

- Connect CMS using u201CsecEnterpriseu201D method

- parse the input flat file and build the corresponding objects

- read webi reports parameters from the CMS and fill the new input values

- schedule reports on behalf a SAP user id :isInfo.setScheduleOnBehalfOf(SAPuserid)

Is there a way to logon directly to the CMC as "SAP user id" as the same way as the InfoView proposes in the authentication form?

I would be very grateful for your help on this issue

Many thanks


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SAP Note 1269216


Ted Ueda

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Hello Ted,

Thanks a lot for your quick answer, we have tested the secSAPR3 authentication last Friday, our scheduling program works fine but we still facing another issue with prompts comming from "BEX queries". In fact, the customer have defined prompts in both webi and bex (to improve performance). we could set successfully values for Webi prompts through the BO SDK but we donu2019t know how to fill values for prompts comming from the BEX. is there any extension on the BO SDK for the SAP ITGR KIT ? If some one have any idea on the way to do it, this would be very helpful.

Many thanks for your help