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BO Explorer 4 - Could not able to new 'Information Spaces'

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Dear all,

I have installed the Explorer 4 with BOE 4.0 on win 2008 (64bit), and is able to login to http://localhost:8080/explorer

I click 'Manage Space', and found that the 'New' button next to 'Information Spaces could not be clicked.

I checked that there is no universe found under folder 'Universe'. Then I tried to create an universe using universe design tool of Cleint tools 4.0, and export it to the BOE server. I could see the universe if I create a Webi from this universe. But I still could not able to view the universe at Explorer.

I read some doc, and it said that Explorer only support universe with UNX format. What does it mean? The universe I created is UNV. Is it different? How to convert?

Kindly help. Thanks.



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