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BO Edge Edition. Adding new data source.

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Hi to all!

I'm new in BO, so I've installed BO Edge edition. I can create some reports with universe data source, but I can't edit it or add a new data source.

As I've researched do I need Information Design Tool to make it? Maybe I chose wrong package or how can I add a new data source?


I thought .zip archive will extract all files including client part. So now I'm installing client part of BO. Maybe after that I'll get all required tools.

Thank you.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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When you install Business Objects Server, you get CMC and Web INtelligence web application.

WEBI is for creating/viewing reports where CMC is for Administration.

When you say "Add new data source" does it mean new query in report? You can do it in WEBI.

If you want to play with universe, create new universe to fetch data from database/OLAP cube. You would need to install client package of BO.

After that you can use Universe designer of Information Design Tool to create/edit universe.


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