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BO 4.0 SP4P2 Audit Universe report on BW roles?

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  I have an Oracle Audit universe that I am trying to report which users have which roles along with some other metrics etc. The issue that I am having is I am only seeing the original person's roles who setup up this Audit Universe along with some other BO Admin responsibilities.

For example, when I filter Username = my name and Object Type = User Group - I see on results, however, when I filter on Username = Administrator or the original user who set this up and Object Type = User Group - I see a ton of BW roles.Why is this? I checked in CMC and the ADS is being updated.

Am I missing a "Set Event Details" option?

I will attached a screenshot of the current settings.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Carter,

I always prefer to go for CMS database query rather than Auditing. The reason is that some of the User(s) might not even logged on to the system which you cannot get from Auditor.

As roles are mapped as user groups, you can always use query builder to get Users and their associated group list.

You can utilize the utility below for User statistics and group association.



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I need it to be an universe so I can automated a weekly reoccurring WEBI report.


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