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Blocking of User ID in SAP EP

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Dear Experts,

Portal is implemented with MDM..

Please suggest..

I want to Block User ID Permenantly in Portal & User Id is already blocked in Backend.

Is Lock option under User Administration-Indentity Management is best practice & Why I should use Lock Option?

or  can I delete User ID & why should delete option to be use?

Thanxs in Advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Lavender Orchids,

What do you exactly want to achieve by Blocking the User ID in Portal ?

You can make the User not access Portal by the following ways:

  1. Lock the User Account. - By enabling this option, you can make the User not enter Portal, making his account to Inactive State. But, if you try to list down the Users using some UME API's, this user ID will also be listed.
  2. Lock the User Password. - This option is generally enabled when the User fails to provided correct password multiple times. The no. of unsuccessful attempts to lock a User Password can be defined.
  3. Set the User Account Expiry date to an earlier date. - By using this option, you can make the Portal User inactive.

However, all the above options are just soft delete kind of.. The User Details exist very well in Portal.

However, if you feel that the User Details are not necessary anymore and can proceed with deleting the User Details completely, "Delete" option can be of use. If you still feel that this User details are really not necessary in your Portal, go ahead. But generally as User data is sensitive this delete option is not recommended.

In this scenario, it seems your User Store is not Portal Database (as you have mentioned that the User is blocked in Backend ). My suggestion is, go ahead in making the expiry date of the user set to an earlier date. This way, the user Id will not be listed.



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