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blending on two levels

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we have a BW4 live model (M1) and two imported models (M2 + M3).

the imported models are for mapping purpose in the following logic:

1. map dimD with from M2 towards M1 using dimA and dimB

2. for one specific combination of dimA and dimB, multiple versions of dimD can happen. Therefor map dimD from M3 towards M1 using dimC.

I do not know if I could explain our issue here, however we do not know how to do this via SAC.

thank you and best


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Hi Dominic,

first of all, I have no idea what you want to do... I recommend to draw a picture.

Second, you can check in this note about BW - SAP Analytics Cloud remote blending

BR, Martin

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Thank you Martin,

I agree it was not very clear.

see the picture:

- M1 has 3 columns

- with two of them we can map most of dim? from M2.dimD.

- except one combination Z2-20, where we have to look into M3 with dimC

- all those who could not be mapped get a default value 'val4'