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Blanks display in query

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I have created a Multiprovider tying up InfoObject 0COORDER and a custom DataStore. When I create a query, I see blanks in the places where there is no record. In the overall results the available days show up as 28 days and utilization as 90% for the obvious reason that there are no records for EX2345 and EX5234 Now my Client expects to see a report in the following format:

Order No Order Type Order Qty Available Days % Utilization

EX1234 Excavator 25 Days 28 Days 90%

EX2345 Excavator 0 Days 28 Days 0%

EX5234 Excavator 0 Days 28 Days 0%


Result 25 Days 84 Days 29.6%

Available days = 90% of Calender month’s days (generated through Formula)

Is there any way to bring the report to Client's expectations. Your input would be highly appreciated. The development is in BI 7.


Satish Nair

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Answers (1)

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What is the current value of the query properties - Display - Suppress Zero's. If you set it to Active All Values = 0 will that help?



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No it doesnt help. Basically the Order No and Order type comes from the Masterdata, which is tied to the Datastore in a Multiprovider. So unless there is a transaction on the order, it would show as a blank. Thanks Gill.