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Biztalk Receive Port config (Routing Strings)

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Dear Gurus:

I have set up BAPIs and RFCs and they are working correctly through the Send Port that is configured correctly for BTS 2004...

Moving onto Inbound IDOCS -0 the Connection settings in the BTS Receive Port:

We are using a routing string to connect (ICC). So in the correctly configured Send Port for the 'system' setting we have:

/H/LocalServer/H/ ( = IP address)

The cpce601 is the application server and is appended to the regular routing string... It took Microsoft 2 days to help us get that set up originally (appending the application server to the routing string for a Send Port)...

Now on the Receive Port we have:

SAP Gateway Host and SAP Gateway Service as the required parameters:

Locally we have a server 'LocalServer' which then routes to the IP address then goes to the Application Server...

I can't seem to find a combination that works with our routing string and or application server in the receive port. I wish I could send a couple screen prints and this might make more sense (see link below for example)...

The root question is for SAP Gateway host I should put the routing string or some part of it. I thought the 'SAP Gateway Host' would be cpce601 (but not sure). I would think the SAP Gateway Service would have to be some or all of the Routing String.

Any help or pointing me in the right direction would be most appreciated!

Here is a link of the page I'm trying to get set up.

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Hello Gang:

The answer:

In the Transport Properties Box in the Receive Port, you use the entire Routing String (found in SAPLOGON.INI) and append the application server in the SAP Gateway Host field field (cpce601 in my case).


In the SAP Gateway Service you use SAPGWXX (where XX is the System Number - sapgw13 for my example)

Also make sure your Program ID,Client, System ID, Username/Pass are in the other boxes.

I hope this helps someone else!

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