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Bind new OData Service to extended Fiori app

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At first, i extended HCM_LEAVE_REQ in SAP Web IDE, provinding an additional field with value help to give the possibility to enter a representator for the time of the leave.

I extended view, controller and datamanager. Code is working so far.

Then at the backend, I provided a new odata-service (copied the original one and extended the copy) with a standincollection to fill the value helper. i implemented GetEntitySet and overrided the triggering method in the extension class. In Test and Browser only (from URL) i get correct answer (a filled collection).

So I Extended the OData Service of my extended Fiori app also to bind to the new and OData Service. In all json files of the extension project, the name of the new service is shown.

When I start a test run from Web IDE, however, i can see with the browser debugger, that my extended app is trying to fetch data from the original OData Service, which fails naturally.

So the question is: What do I have to do to bind my extension to the new OData Service?

I tried it with metadata.json also, but without any change.

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