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Billing Net Value for cancelled document Question

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We have one issue in Billing extractor (2lis_13_vditm). Sales team is doing the process as below:

1. Create a Sales Order Document with 5-6 items

2. Create a Billing document

3. Cancel the Billing document to make changes Sales Order document

4. Modify the Sales Order created in Step1. (Adding new items)

5. Create new Billing document

When we extract Billing delta, we are getting Original Billing document, Canceled Billing document and newly created Billing document.

Issue: Not all line items in the canceled document are coming with canceled indicator to BW. So Net value key figure is coming wrong.

Did anyone face this issue? Please let me know if anything wrong in the BW extract process or Sales team process

Thank you


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Hello Sree,

The datasource and Sales team process are correct.

When you cancel a billing document, the system create a cancelled document.

In your process the system will work like this:

2. Create a billing document number 01.

3. Create a billing document number 02 with type cancelled documento, refers to document 01 in the field VBRK-SFAKN and update the field VBRK-FKSTO in the 01 document with 'X'

5. Create a billing documento number 03.

Then you will have 03 documents.

You have 2 ways to solve your problem:

1 - Filter in your query the documents with 'X' in the field VBRK-FKSTO and the cancelled documents types.

2 - Create a update routine and update the values for cancelled documents types by "value * -1".

I hope that this will help you

kind regards

Paulo Sampaio

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Paulo - Thanks for your reply.

The issue is in the cancelled document only few line items are marked with cancel indicator. Other items are coming without indicator.

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I'll explain the issue with example. 12014531 is the original billing document. 12014532 is the canceled document number and 12014533 is the new document number. When I extract the data to BW few items in the original billing document are not coming with canceled indictor or in otherwards ROCANCEL field is updated for few items which are showing as -ve values.

I expect to see NETWR total for 12014531 and 12014532 will cancel each other.

	12014531	10	X		  120.4
X	12014531	20			  136.78-
	12014531	30	X		  293.07
	12014531	40	X		  143.48
	12014531	50			  183.69
	12014531	60			  125
X	12014531	70			  60.00-
	12014531	80	X		  25
X	12014531	90			  51.90-
	12014532	10		12014531       120.4-
	12014532	20		12014531       136.78-
	12014532	30		12014531       293.07-
	12014532	40		12014531       143.48-
	12014532	50		12014531       183.69-
	12014532	60		12014531       125-
	12014532	70		12014531       60.00-
	12014532	80		12014531       25-
	12014532	90		12014531       51.90-
	12014533	10			  120.4
	12014533	20			  136.78
	12014533	30			  293.07
	12014533	40			  143.48
	12014533	50			  183.69
	12014533	60			  125
	12014533	70			  60
	12014533	80			  25
	12014533	90			  51.9
	12014533	100			  125.68

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Edited by: sree uk2004 on Apr 4, 2011 8:10 PM

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Hello Sree,

Sorry, Now I understood your problem.

There is something wrong with your datasource because the FKSTO field belongs to the header of billing document (VBRK table), then if the header is cancelled, all the items of the document (VBRP table) must be with the field FKSTO filled too.

Where are you seeing this data? In a cube, DSO our in ECC?

How the data come in transaction RSA3?

How is the data in the tables VBRK and VBRP?

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This data is from PSA. In ECC tables it shows "X" indicator for all the line items. Only when it comes to PSA it showing only for few items. All the activities happen on single day i.e. Creation, cancelation and recreation of Billing document and coming in single delta load in the night.

In RSA3 i couldn't check as this delta is already passed to BI.

Thanks a lot for your responses.

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Hi Ram,

We are also facing same issue.Though i do not have problem with values but i can see that same order is invoiced in two different month which is not possible.

The cancelled billing document is not updated against all the items of billing document number in case of deltas.

I can see correct entries in VBRK table where this indicator is stored.In my psa level only i can witness the data in same fashion.

Request you to update how you solved this issue.