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BICS connectivity

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I am new to SAP BO. I have certain silly doubts..

I can access BW Infocubes or BEx queries from WebI without defining universe i.e. through defining BICS connectivity.

Does that mean that Universe is going to be obselete ?? If I have to report on BW infocubes or Bex queries is it a good practice to use BICS connectivity without using Universe.

another doubt , Do I have to create connections in IDT for every report I want to create or connections are reusable.


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Hi ,

We could be able to connect to  BEX reports and info cubes  directly by using BICS connections .

And we can create BICS connections by two ways:

1. By using CMC, in CMC we have an option OLAP connections.

    while we are creating  the OLAP connection we can include a single bex query or an info cube.

    The advantage of selecting the info cube is if we have created a new BEX query on the top of the same info cube and want to use it in BO we no need to create a new olap connection. In the OLAP connection with info cube selected we can retrieve all the bex queries we created in BI to BO.

2. By using a client tool IDT(information Design Tool).

Once if we create any BICS connection we can use the same connection for creating any no.of BO reposrts.

Thanks & Regards,

Rajendra Kodavati

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You need to create OLAP connection(BICS) either in CMC or IDT. You need to create OLAP Connection for each BEx Query. No need to create for Each Webi report, if you are using same Bex query in multiple Webi reports.

BICS is faster and BICS allows you to utilize Bex Structure.

Hope it helps!


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It all depends what is your computing system and BW landscape today and where do you plan to be in future. If you plan to migrate every DW you have into SAP BW you won't need Universes. As long as you have other DW systems besides SAP BW and you need to access it using BO you will need universes. My understanding is that with HANA you don't even need one or another.