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BICS connection and security in instances

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we have a bunch of crystal reports based on Bex queries and BICS connection. The data level security is implemented at the BW level(authorizations). so each user logging into crystal report see different data. say user A can see 130 profit center and user B can see 10 profit centers.

i tried to create a publication and include users A and B.

I selected a 20 values for Profit center. 5 of which are applicable for user B. rest for A

I did not create any profiles and personalizations  here.

I used multipass bursting to run document for each user.

send the instances to BI in box.

Now user A gets a instance in his inbox but user B does the instance details i see the below message

ERROR [PublishingService:HandlerPool-5] BusinessObjects_PublicationAdminLog_Instance_878989 - [Publication ID # 878989] - Scheduling document job "Report Name" (ID: 879,000) failed: The data source is invalid: '[] <$ConnectionToOlapSourceFailedException: Cannot connect to the olap source>'. Please contact the maintainer of the data source to solve the problem. (CRS 300003)

Scheduling document 'Report Name' (ID: 879,000) failed for the following users:

          BD1~800/B (ID: 15478)

These users had the following profile values:

          [No profile values]

what am I doing wrong here?  For Bex query source with data authorizations d owe need to create Profiles and personalizations ?

Please provide your inputs.



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Did you solve the problem? I have exactly same problem?