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BI4.1 Rich Client Not Able to Import one big webi report

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Hello Experts.

We have BI4.1 SP6 and also BI4.2 SP2 environment. We have one huge webi report with has lots of queries, highly complex and lots of formatting with lots of graphs and charts.

We are able to access this webi document using BILaunchPad in View as well as Modify Mode and we are able to make changes in Applet mode as well. But when we try to import this webi document using Webi Rich Client, it just takes forever to load this report and never loads it.

I'm able to import other webi documents, except this document. Any idea what I could do so that I can import this webi document in webi rich client, make changes and then export it back?

The reason i want to import in rich client is that this report has queries pointing to excel managed sources. I need to repoint these queries to unmanaged excel sources which are on the shared drive.

I appreciate your help.

Thank you,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi llyas,

I think this is the same case for which you logged in a ticket with SAP. I was the processor of this incident and we were able to resolve this issue. To do so, we performed the following steps :

  1. Open the report in 3 tier mode (i.e. in BI launchpad, change the "Preferences" for modify from Applet to Desktop Client (Rich Client) )
  2. Launch the report from BI launchpad in modify mode (This will open the report in Web Intelligence Rich Client if the client tool is set up perfectly)
  3. Once the report opens up in Rich Client, save the report on your server by using the "save as" button from Rich Client.
  4. Try to open the newly saved report directly in WebI Rich Client. It should work fine.

The reason for this issue was found to be broken / corrupted links in between the report and the local excel feeders. Once we created a new info-object, It created a brand new report which in return created new links that were not corrupted (because the report was saved using the client tool i.e.Rich Client)

Just wanted to give this thread a quick update. Hope it helps someone 🙂


Taran Rai

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Purge the data from BI Launch Pad and save it in structure mode. After that try to open the same report in Rich client.