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BI System acting as Source system ? why ?

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Hi Freinds ,

Why SAP BI system itself also act as a Source system to another SAP BI system ? what is the need ? why to extract data from another BI system ( Source System ) ? can any one explain this

Ponits for sure...

Regards and Thanks


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Answers (2)

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Why cant a BI system act as a source to another BI system.

Let us take an example of some systems( SCM, SRM, CRM, RPM ). These systems support BI as well.

Let us say we have to integrate data from any two of these systems. Instead of taking RAW data from one the systems ( through datasource ), it is always better to take polished data ( from a DSO or a cube / datamart in general ). For this reason a BW system will act as a source.

Also taking an example of our own BW system. Say we are developing or enhancing something in development and we need data from Quality, for this to be feasible the quality system shud act as a source.

Hope this is satisfactory



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actuallu to my understanding when ur loading adata from

ONE target to ANOTHER target (datamart ) in BI system. then BI system will act as a source system


aravindan pagadala