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BI- Portal Design?

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Suppose i have 13 queries which is from different application areas - FI , CCS , EAM

Now this application areas are further divided into sub area like:

FI - CC/PCA , GL , Consolidation.

CCS - Billing , Back Office

EAM - Service , Regulatory

Now assuming these 13 queries are in these different sub-areas

CCA/PCA - Query1

GL - Query2 , Query3

Consolidation - Query 4 , Query 5 , Query 6

Billing - Query 7 , Query 8

Back Office - Query 9

Service - Query 10 , Query 11

Regulatory - Query 12 , Query 13

Now assume that there are 2 users A and B.

Now user A has access to the below mentioned :

FI -CCA/PCA - Query1

FI -Consolidation - Query 4

CCS - Billing - Query 7

Now the approach i was thinking of was to create Roles in the PCD for the Application area and Sub areas,

For Eg : FI Role , CC/PCA Role , GL Role , Consolidation Role.

Also create ivews in PCD for all the Queries and then assign these Ivews to the respective sub areas and then these sub area will be delta linked to the Application Areas. Now the problem is if i take this approach and i assign a specific role to the end user in PCD he/ she will be able to see all the queries that are assigned to that role even though he/ she is suposed to just see 1 query instead of 2 queries which he is authorized to run in the back end BI system(PFCG) as in the example above for user A.Is there any other approach i can take to do this restrictions.We are on BI 7.0-SP 11, EP 7.0 and we plan to use the federated approach.

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Hi SA,

Use the feature mentioned in one of my blogs. This will solve your problem.