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BI Platform 4.1 with WinAD SSO: why BI Launchpad WinAD SSO sessions are indicated by "Logon Client without ID" in CMC?

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Hi everybody,
in our BI 4.1 SP5 environment with activation of SSO with WinAD, when a user connects to BI LaunchPad portal using this type of authentication, in CMC \ Sessions the new session appears but in "Client Session" the system shows "without Client Logon ID".

With other applications like Explorer, no problems.

However, if Login is done without the use of SSO but, for example, with authentication WinAD only it correctly shows "BI LaunchPad" in "Client Session" field.

Does anyone know why and how to fix it?
Thank you

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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This is by Design when you login to platform using SSO. However if you try with the Enterprise authentication (which is Native) you will get the correct client details.



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Even I noticed this behavior when I upgrade to 4.1 a year ago and after my research I found what when clients login to BI launch pad with Kerberos WinAD authentication, or logging to any client tools, sessions shows as "Logon with out Client ID".

Do you have documentation or KB reference which states it is by product design? IF so can you please share it when you get a chance.

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In case any one like me looking for official document or KB article, as of today ( 11/12/2015) it doesn't exist and I got a work from SAP via a incident I open saying it is by product design.

Need to wait until some SAP Support engineer documents or included in feature documentation.

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