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BI Mobile for iPad/iPhone app - Access via Reverse Proxy (TMG)

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We have setup the BI Mobile server and the iPad/iPhone app is working fine from within the intranet (BI 4.0 SP9).

We are trying to make the app accessible from the internet. The company is using a TMG reverse proxy and will only allow incomming HTTP requests on port 443 (HTTPS).

Our approach:

1) Create external (internet) aliases for the CMC and CMS. Although CMC and CMS are hosted on the same server, different ports are used to access them.

2) Create rule on TMG to direct the 2 aliases to the corresponding CMC URL and CMS.

The following mappings were used (dummy domain names are used here):

- External URL mapped to internal

- External URL https// mapped to internal CMS

This however does not allow us to connect to the BI Mobile server. No usable logs are generated on the TMG reverse proxy and I only receive an MOB06010 (HTTP 500) error on the mobile device.

I can reach the Tomcat page by using from the internet but are not sure if our thinking behind the CMS registration is correct.

Also, I've come across the following forum

I am not sure if this would be applicable for our scenario.

I have also read in the following:

The communication between the SAP BusinessObjects Mobile client and SAP BusinessObjects Mobile server is via HTTP protocol. The SAP BusinessObjects Mobile server communicates with SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise CMS server, Web intelligence servers, and adaptive processing servers in Corba mode

Does this mean that it is not needed to register an external alias for the CMS?

Anyone who has attempted this with a TMG reverse proxy in place?



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ALready an old post bit did you or someone else succeed in connecting to MobileBI using TMG as reverse proxy?

regards gerben