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BI Maintenance Tasks

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We are getting ready to implement our BI system later this year and I'm trying to get my arms around the BI maintenance tasks that will need ot be done weekly.

I'm thinking of thinking like:

PSA cleanup,

change log cleanup,

index maintenance, and

possibly attribute change runs.

Anyone have a good process that works well for them?

Thanks, Mike

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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PSA cleanup:

This is right but until and unless you data is correct in Cube/ODS/Master data then only delete PSA. For this you need some time to confirme the correctness of data.

Change log cleanup:

Think about Deltas from ODS to Cube and ODS to ODS or some other data targets. If you delete Change log data then how can you get the updated data to further Data Targets?.

Generally Change log data will move to Further Data Targets.So think about this.

Index maintenance:

This is Ok you can create/delete the Indexs.

Possibly attribute change runs:

This you can do using Process chains. Some times Manually activation of Master data.

Apart from this you have lot of tasks.

DataLoads Monitor.

Reports Maintaince(Addition/deletion of Columns/Rows)

Data Recon between ECC and BW

and so on..



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Thank You Very Much!

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You need to Add deletion of Overlapping requests, Master data Cleansing(As master data is full always), Fine tuning with Aggregates, Roll up requests, partitioning & Compression based on your possibilities and huge data

Hope it helps

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