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BI IP: How to disable automatic derivation of time characteristics ?

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Hello Experts,

as I´ve noticed, in BI integrated planning, it seems to be like this:

- You have e.g. in a Realtimecube the time characteristics 0CALWEEK and 0CALMONTH

- Then create an aggregation level containing 0CALWEEK but not 0CALMONTH

- Then create an input-ready query to enter data which contains 0CALWEEK

- Then e.g. a web template which serves as a planning application for the input-ready query

Now enter a set of data via the web template, for 0CALWEEK you enter e.g. "03.2007".

If you then save the set of data and take a look at what has been written to the Realtimecube, you can see that not only has " 03.2007" been entered for 0CALWEEK, but also (in this case) "01.2007" (January 2007) for 0CALMONTH – this has happened automatically since 0CALMONTH hasn´t been part of the neither the aggregation level nor the input-ready query ! (generally speaking, this happens always for the less granular time characteristics – if you take for instance 0CALDAY, than all less granular time characteristics will be derived)

So "something" must have derived the entry for 0CALMONTH from the entry for 0CALWEEK. Normally, this should not be a problem, but in our case, we get separate sets of data for weeks and months, and we cannot aggregate them, this would mean wrong (multiple) numbers.

So my question to the experts is whether and how it is possible to change the "something", so that less granular time characteristics are not automatically derived ?

Thanks a lot for your help in advance !


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Answered in BI --> BP.