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BI-IP aggregates

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Hello Folks,

Has anyone manged a good approach (if any) to built aggregates over InfoProviders to be used with BI-IP?

I saw this note 560369, but this will propose aggregates only for BPS and not BI-IP.

Since we have in rsrt InfoProvider_name/!!1InfoProvider_name for the standard query that exist on an InfoProvider ready for plan, we cannot request over RSRT to display a proposal of the aggregates.

Also we use these InfoProviders for read and write data, how does the aggregates will benefict in this case?

Kind Regards,

Diogo Ferreira.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Diogo,

build the aggregates with the same characteristics as your aggregation level. That's it.

Alternative is to put your InfoCubes on BI Accelerator



SAP NetWeaver RIG

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Hi Marc,

one question from my side on this topic, too.

You said, the BI accelerator could be a solution for performance issues in BI-IP!?

And for BPS planning applications? I read that the "accelerator index" doesn´t work for my BPS planning level- oder package selections!? is this true?

Thx.. for any information in that case...



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