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BI Content not activated successfully in CRM Interactive Reporting Client

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Background: SAP DEV system is copied into Quality and discarded. Do not know if the objects to be transported were properly done or not.

Here is the error message in BI Content activation is provided in the attachment.

In the CRM server, we have one client 300 as the CRM client and another client 400 as the Reporting client. In 300,  where the data sources to be activated through RSA5 and checked in RSA6 shows that are successfully activated.

In the Reporting client in which the RSA1 can be executed, I notice out of 14 or 15 standard data source only /CRMBW/ACtivities is activated with the transfer structure. Meaning that the BI Content is not properly installed.

When tried to manually go into BI Content, objects -> Transformations or Update Rules, I don't see many cubes available, which made me think that BI Content is not properly installed.

I tried to create the Infopackage and mention the Data Target, but the Data target is blank, which led to thoughts about BI Content improperly installed.

Please help resolve this problem or please ask questions if I've confused in any case.

Thanks for your earliest possible response.

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Answers (2)

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The error seems like the replication is not properly happened.

Please check the Basis Team to repeat the activity again.