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BI Content in SAP BW

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Hello Experts,

I have a Question.

Whenever, we do replication of datasources from Source system to BW , the version(3x or 7x) is determined considering in which version the datasource is available in BI content right.

So, how is that determined ? That in which version a specific datasource should reside in.

We have a Suituation in which , we have two source systems A & B.

A contains certains datasources in 3x version, but in B those are in 7x (Even in BI content).

B is a copy system of A. Only difference is B is a upgraded one(EHP6).

Does anyone have a clue on why the version got changed.


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Answers (4)

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The System will ask you for the version only if there is a chnage at the Source system level of if it is a generic one right.

I'm here asking about the Standard ones.

We did not received any pop up for the datasources which we are looking for, But they got replicated as 7x.

So, my Question is how does SAP determines that this datasource should be in 3x or 7x.

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The system will ask you in which version (3x or 7x) you want to replicate your datasource.

You should use tcode RSDS to better control the replication of your datasources.

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when replicating, the systems asks for newly installed DS, if you want to install as 3.x or 7



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Your question itself has the answer you are searching for.

The version of the data sources depends upon which BI content you are in. Even though if you are in the latest SP still you might find few data sources in 3.x version.

If you need it in 7 version, you have to install it in the available version and then migrate it with the data flow available from the content. You can also directly install it in the 7.0 version but if you do so you might end up in losing the content data flow which would be in older version.

Best way is to install it as it is delivered in the content and then migrate it as per our needs.