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BI content for e-recruitment

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Hi Experts,

Could some one please let me know is there is any standard Data sources / extractors / Cubes available for SAP e-recruitment module.

Thank you.

Best Regards,


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Hi Krish,

find the below SAP bi content Data sources for E- recruitment ..

As of SAP NetWeaver 7.0 BI Content Add-On 6, the following new DataSources are available:

Activity (Attributes) (0ERC_ACT_ATTR)

Application (Attributes) (0APPLIC_2_ATTR)

Candidate (Attributes) (0CANDIDATE_2_ATTR)

Candidacy (Attributes) ( 0CDCY_2_ATTR)

Candidacy Class (Texts) (0CDCY_CLASS_TEXT)

Ranking of Candidate (Texts) (0CLASSIF_ID_TEXT)

Employment Fraction (Texts) (0EMPL_FRAC_TEXT)

Branch (Texts) (0ERC_BRANCH_TEXT)

Candidate Classification (Texts) (0ERC_CLASSF_TEXT)

Company (Texts) (0ERC_COMP_TEXT)

Ethnic Origin (EEO) (Texts) (0ERC_EEO_ETHNICITY_TEXT)

Gender (EEO) (Texts) (0ERC_EEO_GENDER_TEXT)

Race Category (EEO) (Texts) (0ERC_EEO_RACECT_TEXT)

Language (Texts) (0ERC_LANGU_TEXT)

Ranking of Assignment (Texts) (0ERC_RATING_TEXT)

Gender (Texts) (0ERC_SEX_TEXT)

Ranking of Candidacy (Texts) (0RATING_ID_TEXT)

Requisition (Attributes) (0REQUI_2_ATTR)

Technical Application Source (Texts) (0T_APPL_SCR_TEXT)

Efficiency of Posting Channels (Transaction Data) (0PA_ER_5)

Planned Job Interviews (Transaction Data) (0PA_ER_6)

Candidacy Monitor (Transaction Data) (0PA_ER_7)

Activity Monitor (Transaction Data) (0PA_ER_8)

Requisition Monitor (Transaction Data) (0PA_ER_9)

Diversity Report (Transaction Data) (0PA_ER_11)

Lead Recruiter (Texts) (0RECRUITER_TEXT)

Hiring Manager (Texts) (0HIR_MGR_TEXT)

For the following DataSources, a new content version exists with new selection fields and the option of accessing data directly:

Candidacy Status (Texts) (0CDCY_STAT_TEXT)

Publication Status (Texts) (0PINST_STAT_TEXT)

Requisition Title (Texts) (0REQUI_TEXT)

Activity Category (Texts) (0ACT_CAT_TEXT)

Process (Texts) (0ACT_PROC_TEXT)

Activity Status (Texts) (0ACT_STAT_TEXT)

Activity Type (Texts) (0ACT_TYPE_TEXT)

Application Source (Texts) (0APPL_SRC_TEXT)

Application Status (Texts) (0APPL_STAT_TEXT)

Application Source Type (Texts) (0APPL_STYPE_TEXT)

Candidate Class (Texts) (0CAND_CLASS_TEXT)

Candidate Status (Texts) (0CAND_STAT_TEXT)

Full Name of Candidate (Texts) (0CAND_TEXT)

Work Contract Type (Texts) (0CONT_TYP_TEXT)

Functional Area (Texts) (0ERC_FUNC_TEXT)

Industry (Texts) (0ERC_INDU_TEXT)

Role (Texts) (0ERC_ROLE_TEXT)

Status Reason (Texts) (0ERC_ST_RSN_TEXT)

Hierarchy Level (Texte) (0HIER_LEV_TEXT)

Interest Group (Texts) (0INT_GRP_TEXT)

Posting Channel (Texts) (0POST_CHN_TEXT)

Publication (Attributes) (0POST_INST_ATTR)

Job Posting Status (Texts) (0POST_STAT_TEXT)

Requisition Status (Texts) (0REQ_STAT_TEXT)

Requisition Type (Texts) (0REQ_TYPE_TEXT)

Talent Group (Texts) (0TALENT_GRP_TEXT)