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BI 7.0 Query Designer

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Hi BI Gurus

I need help about the new query designer properties on 7.0, my query output report display decimals even though on the query properties i set it to be 0 decimal places with a negative

I want value 40.0000000 - to show as -40.

Please help


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Hi Again

Sorry for replying late,i am busy on the upgrade project,never the less, i have tried all your suggestion but they don't work.

My problem is that when a keyfigure value contains a negative value at the back (e.g. 40.00000-) and ,you set the Query properties "Display +/- Signs" option [1]

it ignores the setting.

Value Display Options

Before the Number : -123.45 [1]

After the Number: -123.45 [2]

In Parenthesis : (123.45) [3]

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Dear Mathopa,

I had the same issue it is solved after applying the following Notes:

989899 - Incorrect percentages in BEx.

970219 - Decimal places missed in BExAnalyzer 04s

With Regards,

Suman Kumar Rudraraju.

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1. go to info object level and check key figure IOBJ .check Additional properties.

2.In query just click on Key figure, right side u can find properties,there u can check and set the display.

Hope this will helps.Let know details if any.



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Go to that keyfigure in Query desiner.

Right click on that keyfigure and select properties.

Then there go to the Number Format it contains two options Scaling Factor and Decimal places.

Use these two options and you will get the desired output.

Hope this works fine and solves your problem.



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hi PR,

Check out the decimal settings in the KF and also at the query level...


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check out with your info object settings. in info object itself you can define

decimal place for output.