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BI 7.0 Only 16 authorization relevant characteristics

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I've created a query on HR data in BI 7.0. I get an error message that tells me 'This query is intended for characteristics for authorization checks. Only 16 are permitted though.' I've counted and recounted and I only have 16 characteristics that are marked as authorization relevant. I have even gone as far as to take out the other characteristics one by one to see which one the system thinks is authorization relevant and none of them seem to be the one (I still get the error message when I remove them one at a time). If I take out any one of the characteristics that I know are authorization relevant then the query runs. So, is 16 the max? or is 15 the max? Has anyone else hit this issue and what have you done? With HR data, there are a lot of sensitive fields that need to be checked.


Diane Merrill

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This is the system limitation in order to avoid performance problem during authorization check.

You may refer to note 1000004:


The process of merging and preoptimizing authorizations was itself

optimized. Some of the procedures are not very transparent.

You may always create authorizations in such a a way that they result in

a large number of new different authorizations, which has a negative

impact on performance. However, this cannot be predict using technical

means and it is therefore impossible issue a warning when authorizations

are assigned to users. In these cases, simplify the authorization

concept. You may, for example, reduce the number of

authorization-relevant characteristics in the InfoProvider or reduce the

number of authorizations that are assigned to a user.


I recommend you to try to reduce the number of authorization relevant characteristics.

And assign full authorization (*) to as many characteristic as possible.

If you have 10 authorization relevant characteristics and they all have a somehow long value list, it may already

cause performance issue.



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Hello Dianel - did you solve this error. I am getting the same error.