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BI 7.0 Documents

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can any body share me any documents on BI 7.0? How BI 7.0 is different from BW 3.5? Any good documents please.


Nagesh Ganisetti.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Answers (3)

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Thank you guys. Nagesh.

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Hi Nagesh,

Difference between BW 3.5 and BW 7.0

1. Data Modeling Flow:

a. Create Data source

b. Create Info source

c. Create Transformations b/w data source and info source (earlier it was transfer rules)

d. Create Info Package

e. Create Info Provider (info cube or Data Store Object instead of ODS)

f. Create Transfer rules b/w info source and data targets (instead of Update rules)

g. Create DTP (data transfer process). To pull the data from Info package (i.e. from PSA) to Info Provider.

2. For Delta option in customized cube there is one new feature called – “Filter no new records” which is present in DTP’s of Data Store Object.

3. In Info sets now you can include Info cubes as well.

4. The Remodeling transaction helps you add new key figure and characteristics and handles historical data as well without much hassle. This is only for info cube.

5. The BI accelerator (for now only for info cubes) helps in reducing query run time by almost a factor of 10 - 100. This BI accl is a separate box and would cost more. Vendors for these would be HP or IBM.

6. The monitoring has been improved with a new portal based cockpit. Which means you would need to have an EP guy in your project for implementing the portal!

7. Search functionality has improved!! You can search any object. Not like 3.5

8. Transformations are in and routines are passed ! Yes, you can always revert to the old transactions too.

9. Data Transfer Process are in. It is used to pull the data from Info package (i.e. from PSA) to Info Provider.

Try the links given below for further details :

BI 7.0 Documents: [original link is broken]

Check this for what's new in NW2004s BI:

Diff b/w BI 7.0 Vs 3.5

Hope it will help you.


Ashu Gupta.

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Check this.

[original link is broken] [original link is broken]

You could get some SAP Documents here.

These two pdf files has all almost all info about BI2004s.

Go through this Link for BI 7.0 Documents.

and Click on BI StandardPresentations link.

Here You can download BI 7 Documents

Refer these documents. You will get a clear idea.

New Features in BI:


BI 7.0 reporting features