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BI 7.0 Connect multiple source systems to a single ECC client ?

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Hi experts,

We have a requirement at our client.

Our client has one development client for 2 different companies. They do have 2 QA environments and 2 Production environments, but they are joined in Development.

We want to connect this 2 companies to our BW system. We created one source system connected to the client but we can not create a second source system pointing the same client.

Our Basis team had tested it and they receive the message RSAR201 "Source system <xxx> already exists".

He said that even if you use a different RFC to connect from BW to ECC, you do not have the option to choose a different RFC for the return connection, and you do not have the option to say what source system name you want.

Any ideas to sort this out?

PS: We can NOT create a new client in the source system.

Thanks in advance,


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Answers (2)

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Hi Leticia,

Please note source system might have multiple client but in BW there can be only one active connection with a client .

For eg : consider source system has 2 clients namely ECC100 ECC200

Now BW at any point of time can have only one active connection with either ECC100 or ECC200, not both can be active at same time



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For this , I have a question - how do you distinguish developmwnt for company A and B in your ECC development system ?

Is it through different clients ..?

And how do you do transports from your ECC dev to specific QA / PRD systems..? in al likelihood - there might be multiple clients for each company in your development system and you should be able to have a single ECC dev source system in your BW and then use the MADT field to distinguish development - but then transport from BW DEV to QA / PRD would be a nightmare since it would require that you switch the source system conversions every time you do a transport...