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BExRepositorySheet in BI7 BEx Analyzer

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Hi Folks,

Can anybody help me on Bex Repository sheet.

We are using BI7 and have a planning workbook which is embedded with around 26 queries. We used huge VBA code in our workbook.

Currently we are facing some problems like Size (11MB) and performance (opening the workbook and saving data) . After investigating our workbook, we came to know that BexRepositorySheet itself hold 8MB out of 11 MB.

Can anybody help me:

1. What is BExRepositorySheet?

2. What it holds in general?

3. Is it possible to reduce the size of it?

Thanks in anticipation for your valuable feedback / response.

Best regards


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general information:

The BExRepositorySheet stores navigation state information on every dataprovider of the workbook. it is the central place where BEx stores meta information for that workbook.

optimized storage:

the size can be extremely reduced. you can use the function "use compression when saving workbook" it's available in "workbook settings" (first tab; in the very middle) but be careful of system requirements on client side. compression need some .NET and J# components to enable the client to uncompress the code!

(I think the installation of GUI 7.1 should be sufficient but 6.4 GUI need some extra treatment )

best regards,


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up to my knowledge thats se80 where yoru repository objects are stored, you guy smust be using alot of pictures from it or pointing to it for some bigstuff,, see if that helps..