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BEx / WEBI hierarchy node variable

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We have created WEBI reports on a BOBJ Universe built on a BW BEx query.

Our reporting requirement requires us to refer to two different hierarchy nodes.

To start with we created ONE BEx hierarchy node variable. However they do not translate well into WEBI.

When we run the report with hierarchy node variable we get an error / when we refresh the Variable screen for Hierarchy node variables we get the below error:

u201CA database error occurred: The database error text is: The supplied XML is not valid. [D8QQL668NXAWBXU79BQWOCJD6]. (WIS 10901)u201D

Can anyone tell us a workaround / Solution ?....<<text removed>>

We have tried:

1) include hierarchy node info-object in Free characteristics of BEx query...still same error

2) make hierarchy node variable point to an actual hierarchy variable instead of an hierarchy...still same error

Current BOBJ environment :

Development Envt :BO XI 3.1 SP2 fixpack 6 (ERROR generated)

Production : BO XI 3.1 SP2 fixpack 4

Edited by: Matt on Sep 20, 2011 1:15 PM

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Answers (2)

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You say "Our reporting requirement requires us to refer to two different hierarchy nodes".

Could this mean that you need to offer users two drill-paths when drilling in a Webi report?

In this case, you can just create custom hierarchies in the universe, which gives you a high level of control. When a dimension appears in more than one hierarchy, the user will be prompted to select a drill-path. To avoid this you can duplicate dimensions.

Secondly, that error you mention often happens if your BEx query has been changed but your Universe not refreshed, make sure that you're refreshing the universe when making BEx changes.

Hope that helps.

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go to the se38.


and update the MDX_ALL_HIER_VAR EQ to X.

After that try in webi report.