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BEx - variable input pop-up screen

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I have created a workbook within BEx Analyser. Within the workbook I have a button with a planning fuction attached to allow the users to create a new row. This button works in the WAD but we need it in the BEx Analyser planning applications.

When I click on the button, it should prompt the user with an a variable input screen, where they need to enter in data in a number of rows, this doesnt happen though.

I have the checkbox to process variables on refresh selected, so not sure what else I need to do?



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Dear Dwyer,

Please note that If the option 'Process variables on Refresh' is set to true and all the variables(Including mandatory variables) are filled with values(The values may be taken from the workbook), variables will be automatically submitted without showing the variable screen. If the option 'Refresh Workbook on open' is set to false, Workbook refresh will not happen automatically but have to be refreshed manually. Since the refresh is not triggered, variable screen will not pop up (or variables will not be submitted without showing variable screen).



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Thanks for your reply.

Prior to going into the workbook, a variable screen pops up which is expected so it appears that this is working correctly. Its when I am within the application and I press a button, I want an input box to pop up (as it does in the Web Application Designer) so I can fill in a new record and save it.

My fear is that this functionality is outside the scope of the BEx Analyser, as within the WAD you can tick a checkbox to prompt the input box to appear when you click the button but I dont see that option within the BEx Analyser. #

It is perhaps outside the scope of BEx. While we are on the subject, a possible work around would be to have an additional workbook which allows the user to input the data into an input ready screen, do you know if it is possible to have an input ready blank screen so that user can input a number of fields and save it?!