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Bex User Exit

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Hello Friends,

I created a project using CMOD in BW. The enhancement I chose RSR00001. Components I got EXIT_SAPLRRSO_001. Double click on the exit I got the INCLUDE file zxrsru01. I double clicked on zxrsru01 and system asked for access key and access key was entered. The system asked for maintain language, I chose log on language. But the include file doesn't open. I get the message at the bottom of the screen and I opened it. the following message appears


Program names ZX... are reserved for includes of exit function groups

Message no. DS027


You attempted to create a program name beginning with ZX but this name range is reserved only for includes of exit function groups (function groups containing only function exits).

If you want to create a program ZXaaabbb, note the following for program type I (Include).

1. The program is an include of the function group Xaaa:

In this case, the INCLUDE ZXaaabbb statement should not be inserted in the main program SAPLXaaa, but in the program ZXaaaZZZ .

2. The program is not an include of the function group Xaaa:

Since the syntax check for includes of this name range searches for the global data in the program LXaaaTOP (not ZXaaaTOP), you may not be able to check the include in isolation (--> check main program).


Choose a different program name

end of message:

So where should I put the code for the BEx variable I created in Bex Query Designer. Could somebody help me out.



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Please try again and when you get that error message "Program names ZX... are reserved for includes ...."

click "enter", that should solve your problem...

The message you got is information only, sine you are the first one to use this exit in your system you are getting that message.

Hope this Helps...