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BEx Text Elements in Webi

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I'm trying to show the last updated time (that is the last time the BW cube was updated) in a Webi 4.0 report.

Webi report is connected to a Bex query using a BICS connection.

The BEx Text Element for this is ROLLUPTIME.

I Webi there are multiple functions with regards to DataProvider but they are all related to the Webi query.

Is there some way I can pass the ROLLUPTIME value from BW BEx to Webi 4.0

Any help or ideas are appreciated.



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Hi Siddhartha

A couple of days ago we had a similar request from one of our customers. What we did was  we created a DSOs on top of RSICCONT table in BW. This table holds the requests that are actually loaded to targets like infocubes and DSOs.