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Bex Query using BICS running fine in Rich client but v. slow in Launchpad

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Hi guys,

At my client client we are using BICS to use Bex Query in Web Intellience, and i created a report that takes less than 10 seconds once run in Rich client but when i create the same Webi report in Launch pad: the list of values take forever to refesh and the report runs for about 30 mins before it displays data..

In both cases it shows data but the time difference is huge.

Kindly direct me on what could be the possible issues considering this case.



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Hi Sheikh,

There are some known issues with the BICS connectivity and LOV's when retreiving data in BI4.0

This is detailed in the note - 1581323 - BI 4.0 Web Intelligence very slow performance when using BICS

Basically there are some registry changes which need to be made to result in quicker data retreival. The full fix is scheduled for Patch 2.1. It may not be your precise issue but the registry change should help I believe.

Can you test with the registry fix and let me know if this improves matters for you:


The following fix is planned for Patch2.1 (w/c 27th June 2011):

Add 2 new registry entries (string keys) under

For the 32-bit using Rich Client: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\SAP BusinessObjects\Suite XI 4.0\default\WebIntelligence\Calculator]:

For the 64-bit Web Intelligence:[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SAP BusinessObjects\Suite XI 4.0\default\WebIntelligence\Calculator]



Note 1: In a specific test case, a value of 4000 yielded good results, reducing fetch time from 20 minutes to under 5 minutes.

Note 2: Registry key usage:

BICSLOVChunkSize is defined as a string. It help create a chunk of List of Value of maximum the number given. The bigger the number the more likely the retrieval of the list of value will crash. Consider using a value between 100 and 5000. If you have 1000 values in your database and you set the BICSLOVChunkSize to 200. Then you will see a hierarchical view of 5 groups having eah 200 list of value.

BICSResultChunkSize is defined as a string. It limits the number of results that can be retrieved as a List of Value. If you have a List of Value which contains 1 Millions values and set the BICSResultChunkSize to 1000 than only the first 1000 rows will be retrieved. Therefore you will get a partial result set for the list of value.

Parallel correction for interoperability:

A parallel fix has been delivered via component BW-BEX-OT-BICS by way of a correction attached to Note 1593802.


Set all the values of column u201COrder for F4 Helpu201D to 0 (zero) in BW Transaction RSD1 so that the attributes are not retrieved.

-> List of members are now displayed in 20 seconds.

I hope this is a very helpful answer to you.

Kind regards,


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I appreciate your reply, Our admin made the changes you mentioned, but still the report on BI launch pad is working almost the same, i guess the report exceustion time has gotton a little better but still way off..I see you have mentioned to make some chnages to the registry but i am assuming those are for the rich client only that right??

But i am on patch 7 for client tools and report is working fine and i didnt wanna apply patch 10 until iw as sure it was working fine, so only the server is on patch 10 right now.