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BEx Query Scenario.

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Dear All,

Good day!!

I have a scenario. I have created a query.

In Columns, I have 2 key figures--> NO OF PROJECTS and PROJECT VALUE.

In Rows, I have Project number and Cal month.

"NO OF PROJECTS" is a Calculated Key figure to get the project count..

Now the user wants to see the NO OF PROJECTS and PROJECT VALUE from the current date/System date to previous year same date.

Can you please guide me how to achieve this?

Thank you,

warm regards,

Hema Tulasi Boppana.

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Answers (5)

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Dear all,

thanks for your inputs.

I have used a system variable 0CMONTH ( Current month Variable) to solve this issue.


Step 1: In Characteristics Restrictions of Query i have added 0CALMONTH.

Step 2: Restrict 0Calmonth --> Select Value Ranges.

Step 3: We get an pop up to fill the Ranges. i.e Between 0CMONTH and also 0CMONTH, and move                these to the right hand side.

Step 4: select this Range and click on Offset values. then we a pop up to times (one for each                         0CMONTH). for the first pop up fill '-12'. and for the second one fill it with '0'. 0(zero) means                 current month.

then you can see the range--> 0CMONTH-12 - 0CMONTH.

that's it. we are done with the requirement.


Hema Tulasi Boppana

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Hi Hema,

u can take the help of below sdn doc


Manna Das

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Hi Hema.

I assume that you are using a time value in the column selection.  I would suggest putting the fiscal year in the columns.  Create a copy the columns and label them as Prior Year.  For the original Columns, label them as current year.  Edit the column values for Prior Year by using Right Click on year, restrict, and then offset the variable by -1.

You can then add variances for Current Year vs Prior Year as actuals or %ages.

I hope this helps.


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Hello Hema,

I think you can do this using offset variables. Check in how to implement offset variables.



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Hi Hema,

Write Customer exit for the calmonth in I_STEP = 2.

get the current year from the sy-datum and from that u can current year -1.

u will get previous year and used in the query.